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Bold Bags Baby

“In every stitch, a dream. In every design, a promise. Bold Bags Baby is not just a brand, it’s a bold journey into the heart of style and innovation.”
- Ava Sinclair (founder)

Ava Sinclair

Founder, art director
Ava Sinclair is not just the founder of Bold Bags Baby; she is the beating heart of a brand that has revolutionized the concept of accessible and bold fashion. After studying design at the prestigious London College of Fashion, Ava began traveling the world, absorbing cultures, colors, and inspirations. Each city, from Paris to Tokyo, left her with something: a fabric, a pattern, an idea. She was determined to create something unique, something that spoke to bold and fashionable young women all around the world.

BBB's first fashion show

In the vibrant spring of 2012, Bold Bags Baby (BBB) launched its inaugural fashion show, a groundbreaking event that directly addressed the desires and concerns of its target audience. Held in a trendy urban loft in New York City, the show was a dazzling display of innovation and understanding of the modern woman’s needs.


Opening of the first BBB boutique

Bold Bags Baby (BBB) celebrated a significant milestone with the opening of its first boutique, a physical embodiment of the brand’s commitment to addressing the needs and aspirations of its fashion-forward clientele. Situated in the bustling fashion district of New York City, the boutique was designed to be more than just a store; it was a haven for style, quality, and personalized shopping experiences.

Launch of BBB's Online Store

Bold Bags Baby (BBB) embraced the digital era with the launch of its online store, a strategic move that directly addressed the evolving needs and preferences of its fashion-conscious clientele. This digital expansion was not just about reaching a wider audience; it was a deliberate response to the specific desires, dreams, and fears of customers in the world of online fashion retail.